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hitsu711 [userpic]
RuNi - A darker meaning to Miscommunication

Title: A darker meaning to Miscommunication
Chapter: 1/2 (subject to change)

Pairing: RukaXNi~ya, ???XRuka
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, smut
Summary: "You really did find someone else...didn't you..."
Disclaimer:  I own no body, and I make no money.
Warnings: More Ni~ya F-bombs, retarted plot,
Comments: This got real messy after about the third paragraph, sorry in advance. xD

     Ni~ya jerked up from his laying position on the living room couch, the sound of the front door slamming shut, chasing away any thought in his drowsy mind of falling asleep.  He made an incomprehensible noise, at first not knowing where the noise had come from.
He rubbed his face unconsciously before tangling it in his messy hair and pushing himself halfheartedly off the couch he had been trying to doze on for the last hour or so.

He had been waiting for Ruka to come home, but had become impatient with the drummers recent late night shenanigans.  He had then decided to try and get some sleep on the couch having fallen asleep watching some old television show.  He looked around for a moment ruffling his hair mangling the black strands even further.  When his sleepy gaze traveled to the doorway, he felt relived that it wasn’t a burglar or some stranger, but Ruka. But relive soon turned to annoyance and he approached the older man in a slow lazy pace.  He looked up at the man watching as he took off his shoes and jacket, feeling the cold outside air that had attached itself to his body and flew around him creating a draft at the door. 
The cool gave him a shiver considering he was only wearing a plain T-shirt and his underpants.

"Where the hell have you been?" He mumbled sleepily.
Ruka turned his head away from the line of hangers he had placed his jacket, to face Ni~ya.  His eyes where dark and his seemed just as annoyed with something has the younger man was, if not more.  He stepped towards the bassist wrapping his arms around him and pecking him on the head. 
"No where" he said softly, seeming less on edge then Ni~ya had first thought.  He rested his head on the elder's shoulder, again sensing the icy aura that seemed to surround the man, and this time accompanied by cigarettes.

"You smell like a bar..."  He said hesitantly, finding it odd that Ruka would be at a bar, not only without him but also so late at night.  Ruka moved away from him heading for the living room to fish out the remote and switch off the show that Ni~ya had left running.  "I'm tired." He said, "lets go to bed"
That was when the bassist remembered how irritated he was with Ruka, and the fact that he was obviously avoiding the conversation was only fueling the fire.

He followed Ruka to their bedroom, studying the way he walked, for signs that he had been drinking.  He never had seen him drunk, but Ni~ya could never miss the musky scent that bars always seemed to carry.  What he wanted to know is if he had started drinking, why now? And why did he seem to avoid it.
The lights where flicked on, but not noticed and as the younger moved to sit down on the bed he began to think about how to go about the situation.
He sat crossing his legs over the side of the bed glaring at the back of the drummers head as he light up a cigarette.

Talking to Ruka had become awkward over the last few weeks for Ni~ya.  The drummer himself was awkward in his own way, pruned to fidgeting and making rather unusual comments. But this was a different awkward.  The brunette seldom spoke to him any more and the only real conversation the seemed to have was when they where with friends or when they where debating on how the song was going to be recorded in the studio.
Even sex was becoming hard for him. The elder seemed to be detached from him even in such intimate moments and even though he had no intention of it, often ended up hurting him without even noticing.
He knew Ruka didn't mean it, its not like he had ever tried to tell him, he couldn't have known, could he?

Ni~ya felt his eyes beginning to water at the thought, but caught himself and wiped them away not wanting to let the other see him cry, and create a whole other problem for them.

Ruka turned seeing the other deep in his thoughts.  The room was filled with silence, and it caused both to put a wall between them, which they seemed to be doing a lot lately.  "What you thinking about?" the silence was broken by a deep voice, the words echoing around the room.

Ni~ya looked up trying to find an answer. "I don't know." He answered dumbly, laughing inside a little at how childish the answer was.  Ruka caught the smirk tugging at the younger lips but it did nothing to comfort him. He knew that if anything that smile was either forced or one of nervousness.

"Well if you don't know, nobody does" he said smiling, trying to catch a real smile on the bassist' delicate lips but to no avail.  Ni~ya's false smile only faded and his black orbs wavered back down to his lap.  Ruka put out the cigarette on a glass ashtray set next to the bed.  He was aware of the tension in the room too, but it rarely got to him as much as it got to Ni~ya.  The elder was used to letting out his emotions, being the free spirited person he was. But Ni~ya, he was a different story. Over the years he had known him, Ruka had learned that the bassist had a bad habit of holding in his emotions.

Ni~ya's inability to handle his emotions most likely developed his heavy drinking, and after a while didn't seem to know how to express himself even if he wanted to.
He passes for a moment setting his keys on the dresser and placing his wallet there as well, anything to distract himself. 

"If you need to tell me something..." He turned around watching Ni~ya from the corner of his eye, not wanting to face him fully. "...then just say it"
More words hanging in the air, the atmosphere in the room turning sour.  The brunette sighed staring at the reflection on the large mirror hanging over the dresser, but quickly looking away when he could see Ni~ya's there too.
"I..." he said, not knowing how to respond.  "I'm tired of this beating around the bush, bullshit."
Ruka bit his cheek, but didn't sink back, even with the venom that was threatening to show itself in the younger man's words.  "I’m sick of it" He added.
Ruka cringed at the hidden acumen, becoming easy to let his blood boil.  Frankly, neither of them was in a good mood. 

"It's not like it's my fault"
"I never said it was your fault." Ni~ya corrected.  If this is how he wanted to do it, then he could have it.
"You sure look like your thinking it" Ruka glared, and leaned back against said dresser.  Ni~ya looked up too, meeting the others gaze.  "This has nothing to do with any one fault" he said a bit more sternly, "this has to do with you going out every other fucking night and not telling me where the fuck your going?"  He rose off the bed trying to stare down the older man. 

"I don't need to hear this" he muttered, strutting down the hall towards the kitchen.  Ni~ya’s patience was tweaked down a notch at being walked off on in the middle of a conversation, and followed promptly.
"Yes, you do need to here this. You don't understand how this makes me feel." he said loudly, not caring whether the entire apartment complex heard him. 
He stood in the kitchen entrance, finding the drummer pulling out a beer from the fridge. The bassist became enraged that he would even think of doing something like that while they where talking about this.

He moved so that he was a few from the other, snatching the can in his hand and placing on the table.  The elder’s eyes followed it for a moment, being slightly surprised before he turned back to the other man.
"So now you’re just going to get hammered every time I talk to you about this?" 
"Well maybe if you weren't being such a little bitch about it, I wouldn't have to."  The raven haired man opened his mouth as if to say something, before he closed it again his eyes becoming fiery. Verbal fighting wasn’t something they usually did, and Ruka had never meaningfully called him something like that before, but this was meant to sting... Somewhere in the back of his mind, it’s had hurt him, however for the time being all he could think about was being angry.

"What did you expect me to act like?" He hissed, "How would you like it if I came home at three in the morning and said, 'Oh, hey honey, me? I was just out sleeping with random people, don't mind me!'"
Ruka was starting to snap as well; the youngers sarcasm was always an easy way to piss him off.

"I've never said anything like that and you know it." 
Ni~ya smiled again, almost laughing, but Ruka remained anything but amused.  The bassist reached for the forgotten can, and popped the tab before taking a swig of the bitter liquid and slamming back against the table.  "Well, you sure looked like you where thinking it."  He said mimicking the brunet’s earlier statement, in a low satisfied voice telling the other that he was done talking got him for the night. 
He turned around, giving the drummer one last glare before padding back to the bedroom and still feeling rather heated.

He moved his attention to the cigarettes from earlier, still laying on the night stand.  He wasn’t used to fighting with his lover and it was defiantly agitating him. All he wanted right now was a damn smoke.
Just as he was reaching for the drawer, a large hand clamped around his wrist. 
"Get off" He said turning around to face the other and yanking his arm away, breathing heavily from anger and from slight surprise. 

The drummer seemed more, collected now, but was mostly likely putting up a front to help calm the other. 
He reached for the younger again, seeing that Ni~ya had all but lost it at this point.  "Just let me explain." 
"No!" He moved away, this time shoving the taller in the process. He looked him straight in the eye, beginning to breathe heavily.

"Who?"  Ruka sighed, fearing the question. "Who is it?"  He paused staring at the lamp behind the bassist, unable to look at him as he answered in a low voice only loud enough for him to hear.
"You don't know them"  In the end, he knew this was going to happen, but he could never bring himself to justice, and now the consequences seemed so much more real then they did before.  He barely looked up, his curiosity at Ni~ya's reaction getting the best of him. 
His mouth hung open and his eyes held something of surprise and disappointment. Ni~ya hadn’t acutely expected Ruka to admit it, and it caught him off balance. 
"You really did find someone else." He said quietly, his eyes becoming glassy. "Didn’t you...?" He added.  His assumption that the drummer was cheating on him was entirely a bluff that only ended up backfiring.

He walked around the only man ignoring him as he made his way back to the living room, no longer wanting to look at him.
"No! It's not like that! He doesn't mean anything! It was an accident!"
"What, did you accidentally fall on top of him and accidentally...." He stopped short not wanting to finish the sentence, or rather not able to.  He walked around the couch grabbing his jeans and stepping into them, and pulling them on.

Ruka watched as he went to the door and pulled on his jacket and stepped into his shoes. 
"Where are you going?" It seemed like a stupid question in retrospect. "Out..." The bassist said, still not turning to face him as he opened the front door, his voice was blank and held no sign of emotion as if he was ignoring the whole situation.
"You can't go out at this time of night, and its freezing"
"Watch me" he snapped in return.  The elder was only beginning to feel guilty, but it didn't help him to try and stop the other any further as he stood uselessly in the hall way.
Ni~ya froze in the door frame at his family name, turning his head to the side as if he wanted to say something, or wanted Ruka to say something.  But when neither came he assumed his pass and stepped out the door closing it softly behind himself


Bad muse! No fighting! >:              .


I love the way you write about Ruka... I love your Ruka, too, actually =)
I hope you`ll post the rest soon!