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A JRock Rhythm Nation
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This community is for those of you who believe that drummers don't get the respect they are due! Stuck behind their drum sets, they are always forgotten! Show Your LOVE!!!

July 2010
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Pr0n Queen [userpic]

roseofpain_nc17is undergoing some major changes, so now is a great time to join! Currently we are in the midst of deciding how to make it better. Some things that are definitely going to happen are picture prompts instead of word prompts and contests instead of challenges. We are still deciding whether or not to shorten the time frame you have.

None the less, this is a community that wishes to grow and become something flourishing and grand, all with your help of course. We still have under 100 members, though, so it's not very active, which is why we are requesting you to join!

It's a fanstuffs prompt community in which we give a promt and you write a fic or draw some art inspired by that prompt, rated NC-17. The prizes for the contest have yet to be decided. This month, I regret to say, there is not a prompt at all, for reasons mentioned above.

Please join us! We want to grow! ♥