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A JRock Rhythm Nation
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This community is for those of you who believe that drummers don't get the respect they are due! Stuck behind their drum sets, they are always forgotten! Show Your LOVE!!!

July 2010
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hitsu711 [userpic]
Hi thar!

I'm new to the community. (well not, really I've actualy been stlaking it for awhile)
But anyways, I'd ust like to say hello! And while I'm at it whats this I have in my pocket?

Title - More then words
Author - Hitsu711 -me-
Chapter - oneshot
Rating - N-17
Genre -   pointless Smut, romance
Warnings - explict sex, itsy bitsy angst(?) Ni~ya droppping F bombs all over town. Sappy moments
Pairings - RukaxNi~yaxRuka (Nightmare)
Disclaimers - I don't own one of anything. >>

 "Be mine" Ruka whispered in the crook of the younger mans neck and thrusting gently into him.  His arm curled around the bassist's head fisting a hand full of silky jet black hair, his own hands wrapped around the elders back leaving small pink scratches over his shoulder blades and spin.  There movements where unhurried and relaxed simply wanting to feel each other closely.
Ni~ya groaned at the need that laced through the others voice, and at the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of him so deliciously.
He could feel the drummer's darkly colored hair tickling his cheek, neck and barely along his chest, the blonde highlights shining beautifully in the soft glow of a lamp.
"The fuck do you think were doing now?” He moaned suddenly when the elder hit his sweet spot, throwing his head back at the intense feeling. His legs tightened against sharp his and he moved his own trying to make him hit the spot once more.

"Do that again." He said unable to find it himself and knowing that the other knew perfectly well where it was.  He made a small wining noise when Ruka stopped movement all together and put his hands out in front of himself so that he could hover over the dark haired man who was panting much like himself.
"Why'd you fucking stop, you fucker!?" He pushed down on the others cock, but only managing to push it in just a smug deeper, but just enough to make it barely brush against that spot. He whimpered dropping his hands and letting them fist in the sheets becoming frustrated. 

"That’s not what I meant"

Ni~ya sensed the seriousness in his voice and raise his eyes to meet dark ones.  He stopped his wiggling, trying the steady his breathing for a moment.  Ruka watched his gaze turn questioning, and he bit his lip wondering what he should say to make the younger understand.
"I meant other then..." He though a moment longer before thrusting deeply into his body once. "...this..." Ni~ya groaned again, his prostate being hit dead on. He gasped a few times before opening eyes that he didn’t remember closing.  Ruka's eyes held a worried glint telling the bassist that he was nervous. He felt a small wave of guilt wash over him, realizing he must have hurt Ruka's feelings a little.  He reached up cupping the solemn face in his hands and pulling him down so that their foreheads pressed together.

Ruka leaned down resting on his elbows instead now.  "Oh, Ru-baby..." Ni~ya cooed, watching the brunettes eyes well up, and start to shimmer wildly.  He felt himself loosing his control all the pent up emotions falling outwards and seeming to drown in Ni~ya black orbs.
He gasped loudly when he saw on of his tears spatter at the corner of Ni~ya eye and roll down his cheek instead of his own.  He made a high pitched noise wanting to say something, but couldn't when his eyes let another fall and he buried his face in the others shoulder and sobbing quietly.  Ni~ya wrapped his arm around Ruka's waist and let the other caress that back of his head. He found himself wanting to cry too, the change in the room’s emotion scaring him slightly.

"Oh, Ruka" He whispered trying to comfort the elder. His sobs remained only loud in and out breathing and occasionally soft whimpers.
"Please...If you don't want me in that way...I'll n-never ask again. I...just stay here, with me...please"  Ni~ya let the drummer cry against him for what seemed like forever before his cries settled to small gasps and the dampness began to dry on his skin. He cleared his throat before he tried to speak again.
"Ruka, I'm sorry. I didn’t understand what you meant" He said as soothingly as he could.  He felt the man tense and seemed to begin shaking again. "But its ok!" He added hoping it would stop the other from crying, "I understand now." Ruka sniffed and breathed against the younger's shoulder. "Really...?" He nearly squeaked bringing a warm smile to the bassist face. He rubbed his palm over Ruka's back. "Yeah" he said turning his head to see small glimpses of his face hidden behind dark tear dampened hair. He brushed the dark hair from the elder’s eyes so that he could see his fragile state that was so rarely seen. "Now, please don't cry."

Ruka nodded weakly closing his eyes and nuzzling into his neck. He felt the brunettes swollen lips press against his neck, his small pink tongue barely passing his lips and skimming across his still sensitive skin.
That was when he realized the drummer’s erection was gone; he had probably lost his desire when he started his crying.
The man in question raised his head looking unusually tired dried tears still lining his face.
"I need you to pull out."
The elder did so slowly, but the moment he was all the way out the bassist switched there positions and sitting between his legs. Ruka whimpered feeling Ni~ya still throbbing arousal against his thigh.
Ni~ya curled his hand around the base stoking it roughly, trying to bring him to arousal.

"I'm gonna make you feel so good." Ni~ya's voice was husky, and he licked and nibbled at the elders ear lobe making him buck into this hand and tilt his head back to give I’m more room.  The bassist attached his mouth to the drummer’s neck sucking on the soft skin and lapping at the reddish mark that was left behind while flicknig his thumb over the sensitive skin beneath the head.
Ruka was soon groaning and writhing against his hand. Ni~ya dug his figure nail into the slit and swirling it around making Ruka arched against the bed. "Aauuhhh~" Ruka moaned, Ni~ya grinned deciding that the drummer was ready and removing his hand making the elder wine.

He grabbed the bottle of lube they had used earlier that night and opened it to squeeze a small amount onto his figures. "No." Ruka groaned out, "I need you now" he sate up taking the bottle and squeezing it on his own figures and spreading it over the dark haired man's cock.  He moaned at the feeling of Ruka's hand on him and letting him rub the clear substance over his sensitive flesh.  The elder leaned forward connecting their lips momentarily before leaning back on the bed again.
"But it’s been awhile since I was inside yo-" Ruka shook his head. "No, I don't care, just please. Get inside me" He voice begging and lust filled as he put his legs around his hips urging him forward.  Ni~ya let out a noise low in his throat as the tip of his now rock hard cock pressed against Ruka’s willing entrance.

He grabbed Ruka's hip deciding it was useless to argue wit the other, and pushed in slowly. The overwhelming feeling of Ruka’s muscles clamping around him making him almost loose control and shove into him all at once, but he was granted this when the drummer pushed his hips down roughly pushing his length in to the hilt making them both moan loudly.

"Ah, Fuck Ruka"
He mewl wantonly already rocking his hips against the pale ones. "Auh, Hang on a second Ru...”
"No~" He moaned, "move, please~"
Ni~Ya looked down at him seeing the need in his eyes, maybe this was what Ruka really needed right now, maybe he wanted this to hurt so that a week from now he would be able to confirm what happened tonight, to know that it was Ni~Ya that fucked him hard enough to make him bleed.  If that was what he wanted, Ni~ya was going to give it to him.
Ni~ya pulled out so that only the head was in before thrusting back in causing Ruka the let out a string of continuous noises. Ni~Ya continuous this for a minute longer before he started a steady pace and angled his thrusts trying to find the spot him Ruka that would make him squirm under him.

"Aaahh!! Ni-chaan!!" Oh, yes, he defiantly found it. "What is it baby? You like it right here?" Ni~ya smirked thrusting hard into the same spot again making Ruka nearly scream in pleasure. "God, yes right there Ni~ya~!"  Ni~ya continued to thrust into that same spot watching Ruka come undone easily in his hand.
He watched how the drummer’s hair splayed in all directions on the bed and how his harms rose up to wrap around him much in the way he was holding the man under him when there positions where switched.

"Ni...I'm close...” The bassist reached down between them grabbing the drummers leaking cock and stoking it in time with his thrusts. He bit down on the mark that still lingered on his skin causing the drummer to actually scream and the overwhelming sensations. He stayed teetering on the edge for a few more moments, his arms too tired to grip any longer and falling to his sides and fisting. Ni~ya saw this and reached for the drummers hand with his own, entwining there digits before whispering into his lovers ear, "Say my name when you come" and sucking on the corner of his jaw.
Ruka let out more high pitched moans before, he came harder then he ever thought possible. "Ni~yaaaa!!!"
His back arched into a crescent against the bed, his body shuddering almost violently as the sweet sensation almost turning painful as he spilled his hot seed on both their stomachs.

His muscles held Ni~Ya’s shaft in a death grip too tight for him to move and forcing him to give only short thrusts until Ruka stopped wiggling and his muscles relaxed, allowing Ni~Ya to try and find his own release. He began moving again causing Ruka to gasp every so often, his insides becoming extremely over sensitive from his orgasm.
The younger came soon only grunting quietly, never having been a screamer the way Ruka was. His own cum spilling inside Ruka making the brunette moan softly and only did he stop thrusting after his climax when Ruka began the make pained noises.
He slumped down putting his while weight on the elders body breathing heavily against his still burning skin.

When they both regained their breathing the bassist moved to pull out but was stopped by Ruka’s hand still resting in his.
"Stay inside" He whispered, his voice too horse for him to trust at the moment. The dark haired man nodded tiredly leaning over to pull the blankets over them and resting his head back on his lover’s chest feeling his hand come up and tangle in his hair.  He closed his eyes as Ruka turned off the lamp leaving them in the dark, and completely exhausted. Ruka closed his eyes as well feeling Ni~ya's breathing against his skin, and Ni~Ya listened to the sound of his steady heart beat as they both drifted to sleep. 
"Ni~ya," Ruka said, almost inaudibly in the darkness.
"Ni~ya grunted in reply. "I love you" Both were already half asleep, but the younger was still able to here those words loud and clear.
"Love you too" he murmured before falling into sleep,